Cellar Door Wine Shop

Cellar Door Wine Shop
2 Union Street South

Cellar Door Wine Shop is a retail wine store in Downtown Concord, NC. As a boutique wine shop, we cater to both wine connoisseurs and people interested in learning more about wine. The 3 pillars of the business are: unique quality wines, education, and customer service. We offer a selection of quality wines from around the world, including the U.S., at a range of prices. We believe that wine should be accessible to and enjoyed by everyone! Our wine selection is mainly from small producers from all over the world. We will offer a variety of wine education events, from free samples to in-depth wine classes, to foster a love and appreciation of wine.

W: 11-7, Th & Fr: 12-6, Sat: 11-5. (Estimated opening January 2024)

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