General Downtown Questions

Question: What are the boundaries of Downtown Concord?

Answer: The City of Concord has a downtown Municipal Service District (MSD) that serves as a technical definition for Downtown Concord.  Property owners within the MSD pay additional property taxes to the City to support MSD services. See the boundaries here.

Question: How do I start a business in Downtown Concord?

Answer: Please use the contact form on this website or call our office at 704-920-6130 for guidance on starting a business in Concord Downtown. You may also review the Business Resources tab on this website for additional assistance.


Question: How can I advertise my business in Concord Downtown?

Answer: Learn how you can promote your business by becoming an event sponsor. Learn more about sponsorship.

Downtown Events

Question: How do I host an event in Downtown Concord?

Answer: You may propose an event through this website or contact us through the contact form or 704-920-6130 to discuss hosting an event in Downtown

Question: Who do I contact about the Concord Christmas Parade?

Answer: The annual Christmas Parade has been held in Concord for over 90 years! Previously hosted by a volunteer organization, in 2022, the City of Concord Parks & Recreation Department took over the management of the parade. 

Novi Mixed Use Project Questions

Question: Who is developing the Novi mixed use apartments?

Answer: Lansing Melbourne Group (LMG) is developing the Novi Rise, Novi Lofts, and Novi Flats projects downtown (~300 new apartment units and ~15,000 SF of new commercial space). LMG is active across the region and also developing projects in downtown Kannapolis and Gastonia.


Question: Does the Novi mixed use apartment project include affordable housing units?

Answer: Approximately 151 of the 300 total units will be considered workforce units meaning the units will be restricted to households earning 80% or less than the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia Metropolitan Statistical Area’s median income. These workforce units will float throughout the project meaning there won’t be a physical difference between a market rate unit and a workforce unit. The 2021 80% income limit for a single person household is $47,150. The high quality of the workforce units will likely attract residents between the 70-80% area median income (AMI). The workforce unit allocation is driven by one of the development’s private investors and will apply to the project for 10 years.

Union Streetscape Project Questions

Question: Why do we need a new Union Streetscape?

Answer: A New Union Streetscape was identified as a catalyst project in the 2016 Downtown Master Plan. The existing streetscape on Union Street has not been significantly upgraded since the late 1980s. Many of the street trees downtown have reached the end of the lifespan and have caused tripping hazards in the sidewalks. Sidewalks have also settled causing water infiltration issues in downtown. Finally, existing underground utilities are aging and need replacement to ensure a vibrant downtown for decades to come.

Question: How long will the Union Streetscape and infrastructure improvements take to complete?

Answer: After starting and stopping a few times due to unforeseen utility conflicts on Market St. and Barbrick Ave., the Union Streetscape project resumed in January 2023. The City expects the project to take 18 months and will be complete by Fall 2024. 

Question: Will the construction for the Union Streetscape Project interfere with accessing the businesses within the area?

Answer: The City will clearly mark and maintain access to sidewalks for visitors during construction. The City encourages businesses with rear entrances to use them for public access where available. Limited closures may occur at the front door of businesses fronting Union Street when sidewalks are being poured, but the Contractor will try to schedule this work during off hours. 

Question: How much will the Union Streetscape Project cost City of Concord residents?

Answer: The City will not implement any resident or business tax increases to help pay for the Union Streetscape Project. The City of Concord has been planning for this project for several years and has budgeted accordingly.

Question: Will there be street parking after the Union Streetscape project is complete?

Answer: Yes. Spring St., Market St., Barbrick Ave., Cabarrus Ave., Church St., Means Ave., and McCachern Blvd. will all still have on-street parking options. The City will maintain eleven parking spaces north of Cabarrus Ave. on Union St. from Killarney to Cabarrus Ave.. For more information on current available parking please see the Parking Map.

Question: Will restaurants be able to serve alcohol to patrons sitting in outdoor dining areas?

Answer: Yes. North Carolina ABC law allows restaurants and bars/private clubs to extend their premises into outdoor dining areas with some requirements. Businesses must enter into an encroachment lease agreement with the City for use of the outdoor dining area where they intend to serve alcohol. In addition, businesses must clearly mark the outdoor dining area where they intend to serve alcohol. Examples of boundary markers include foldable signs, ground level medallions, planters, etc.

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