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May 24, 2023 Streetscape Update

This week, Streetscape Crews closed the intersection of Cabarrus Avenue and Union Street to continue new infrastructure work through the intersection. This work is anticipated to take two months while the intersection is closed. Please view our Parking Map for updated road closure information. Access to the Library and Parking Deck will remain open on Union St N.

Crews demolished the entire road surface this week, within the intersection, and will begin installing new valves to isolate the water line next week. Once the valves are in place, they can install the new 16″ water line across the intersection.

Electrical crews were also out installing fiber and electrical conduit from the Midblock towards Cabarrus Avenue on the east side of Union Street.

Today, concrete crews will pour the sidewalk near the Cabarrus Center (57 Union St S) on Union Street. Next week, crews will continue working towards Cabarrus Ave with grading and concrete pours.

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Demolition of Cabarrus Avenue
Temporary storm drainage to New System
Conduit Installation east side of Union St
Newly constructed stormwater curb inlet
Reinforcement for Deadman Blocking
Deadman Blocking installed

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