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March 28, 2024 Streetscape Update

This week, Downtown Streetscape crews continued working on water services, sidewalks, and soil cells.

Infrastructure crews installed new water service north of the Midblock on the east side of Union Street.

Sidewalk crews poured concrete for sidewalks north of Barbrick Ave and continued grading on Union Street (south of Barbrick Ave) for sidewalk work scheduled next week.

Masons completed the brick and stone work for the ramp/stair and seat walls between Barbrick and Corban Ave.

Crews also worked on installing one of the three remaining soil cells south of the Midblock on the east side of Union Street.

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New Water Service Installation
Grading for Sidewalk
Sidewalk Install near Barbrick Avenue
Union Street Sidewalk Install
Threadtrail Marker Installation
Seat Wall Installation #1
Seat Wall Installation #2

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