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March 24, 2023 Streetscape Update

Downtown Streetscape crews continue to install the main water line on Union Street and have almost made it to the midblock crosswalk between Cabarrus Ave and Barbrick Ave.

Once the main water line installation makes it to the midblock, they plan to circle back towards Barbrick Avenue for additional work in that intersection. In the following weeks crews will move to the Corban Ave intersection to work on water line installation there as well.

While digging, crews came across an interesting find this week! City Engineering tell us that remnants of old wooden conduit were found while digging for the main water line installation between Barbrick Avenue and the Midblock Crosswalk. In talking with one of the local techs, they told us the old Concord Telephone company used wooden post back in the day for conduit. They would drill a linear hole through the post and then run their wire through it, placing it just under the surface of the road. In the photo above, you can see the remnants of one of those posts.

There isn’t much left of it but it is still there!

Union Street 45 degree Bend Build
Vertical Bends on Union Street
Backfill of Water Line
Wooden Conduit for Concord Telephone
Existing 24 inch Storm Drain to be abandoned



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