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June 9, 2023 Streetscape Update

Night work in the intersection of Union St & Corban Ave is underway and making good progress. Weather permitting, night work is scheduled to finish on Wednesday, June 14th at  6 a.m.

Why night work? Crews are connecting the new 16-in. water main installed on Union St to the existing 16-in. and 8-in. water mains at the intersection of Corban Ave. To cause the least amount of disruption and congestion in the intersection crews are working overnight with traffic control measure in place.

Next week, Streetscape crews will be working on Market St to prep for paving in the area where it was excavated for the new 42-in. storm drain. This work is expected to take a couple of days to complete.

Looking ahead, in the next few weeks crews will begin installing new water service lines on Union St. to connect businesses to the new water main. We anticipate some temporary sidewalk closures as new water meter boxes are installed.


Water Main Construction at Corban Ave
Compaction Testing of Trench at Corban Ave
Existing Utilities
New 16-in. Water Main Construction
Existing 16-in. Water Main at Corban Ave
Crews installing Road Plates at the Corban Ave Intersection
Traffic Control Measures

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