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January 12, 2024 Streetscape Update

The Downtown Streetscape Project has a new construction work zone. The construction fence now spans from Cabarrus Ave to the Courthouse Plaza. The remaining area from the Plaza to Corban Ave will continue to be protected with cones and orange fencing as crews work on the sidewalk. Pedestrian movement will transfer to the roadway to move around the construction. As always, access will remain open to our local businesses and free parking is available throughout the downtown area 👉

This week Streetscape Crews started working on the north side of Barbrick Ave sidewalk, demoing concrete, checking grades, and laying stonework for the concrete paving next week. Crews also worked on installing the waterline from where they left off at the Midblock Crossing towards Cabarrus Ave and on the sidewalk near the corner of Corban Ave and Union St.

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Pavement Cut on Union St
Waterline startup
Begin next phase of waterline Construction
Waterline construciton north of Midblock Crossing
Form for curb at Union St and Corban Ave
Driveway Entrance at Union St and Corban Ave
Deep Root (Soil Cell) system complete


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