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April 26, 2024 Streetscape Update

The sun is shining in Downtown Concord! 🌞 We’ve had great weather the past few weeks that has allowed Streetscape Crews to make good progress.

By the end of the week, they’ll have completed the 285 LF of 12″ ductile iron sewer pipe installation and the lateral tie-ins from the Midblock to Cabarrus Ave. Next, infrastructure crews will return to work on stormwater drainage installation on the west side of Union Street up to Cabarrus Ave. Electrical crews are also working on fiber and electric conduit installations on the west side of Union Street between the Midblock and Cabarrus Ave and anticipate moving to the east side of Union Street next week.

Sidewalk crews will continue to pour concrete and install pavers on Union Street. They expect to reach Corban Ave with brick pavers by mid week. Next, they will focus on the Courthouse Plaza connection.

Scroll down to see images of the Historic Horseshoe Area, stay connected on social media to learn more about it next week!

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Grading at Courthouse Plaza Connection
Swere Line Excavation
New 12″ Ductile Iron Sewer Installation
Fiber & Electric Conduit Installation
Formwork for Horseshoe Area
Historic Horse Ring Installation
Historic Horse Ring Installation
Grading for Horseshoe Area w/ Granite Marker Installed
Brass Horseshoe Installation

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