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January’s Book Club Pick is a classic murder mystery awaiting its cinematic debut

The January 2022 selection for the Concord Community Book Club is Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

We decided to shake things up in 2022. Usually, we feature a book that is new to the literary scene. However, this month’s pick is a classic crime novel. Death on the Nile features Christie’s most famous detective, Hercule Poirot, who hales from Belgium and is famous for solving impossible crimes all over the world. Read along with us before next month’s theatrical premiere of Death on the Nile. 

Outsold by only the Bible and Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time. She is best known for her 66 detective novels. While it’s central character, Hercule Poirot is one of the most beloved detectives in fiction, Christie grew tired of him. She described him as insufferable in the 1930s. By the 1960s, she referred to him as “an egocentric creep.”

Death on the Nile is Poirot at his finest. Surrounded by a cast of rather deplorable characters, Poirot sets out to solve the murder of Linnet Ridgeway. On the surface, the crime–a gunshot wound to the head–seems incredibly simple. However, in true Christie fashion, the simplest explanation is not always the solution.

Read along with us this month and see if you can solve this twisted murder for yourself. Grab a copy at Goldberry Books in Downtown Concord. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the novel, the Close Reads: A Podcast for Incurable Readers by Goldberry Studios is featuring the novel this month.


About the Book

Soon to be a major motion picture sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, starring Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, and Armie Hammer.

The tranquility of a luxury cruise along the Nile was shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway had been shot through the head. She was young, stylish and beautiful. A girl who had everything…until she lost her life.

Hercule Poirot recalled an earlier outburst by a fellow passenger: “I’d like to put my dear little pistol against her head and just press the trigger.” Yet under the searing heat of the Egyptian sun, nothing is ever quite what it seems.

A sweeping mystery of love, jealousy, and betrayal, Death on the Nile is one of Christie’s most legendary and timeless works.

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