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Fall finds downtown…

Enchanted Kitchen – These folks are a favorite during fall but also have the best and most unique items when it comes to gift-giving! What did staff pick? A pendulum that “sways our way” on decision-making. But in all seriousness, they have fine teas, crystals, oils, and more for both the fun and homeopathic needs; just ask a qualified Enchanted expert on your visit!

If you know us,  you are likely getting hilarious socks for Xmas courtesy of ShoeBeeDo; sorry, not sorry – these never get old! But, to be fair, handmade leather goods are their specialty, so much so that they’ve had dibs at the Renaissance Festival for almost 20 years! Child booties, – check. Hand-made leather purses, – check. Exclusive one-of-a-kind won’t-find-this-anywhere-else, can grab for that person-that-has-everything,- CHECK! Grab from stock or request a custom made-to-order item; but do it now, because time is limited!!

Another exceptional, not-going-to-find anywhere else for the person that has everything (we’re not naming names historic distrct-er’s) – beautifully  hand-crafted jewelry from our OG – The Bead Lady! Much more than beads, you’ll have to explore yourself to get the inside scoop but it’s well worth it! Staff fave: Druzy Studs; we’re hoping fall colors haven’t sold out!

Our love-to-hate giftshop, The Mercantile, we can’t go here without bringing something home! Fair warning, they may only have one or two of the most coveted items and you’ll have to decide between yourself or the person you’re gifting! We never win this battle but our home décor is cute, you’re welcome!

MacPherson’s Jewelry – Speaking of custom, anything involving this family-owned and operated jewelry store downtown is refinement. You will not find these fine goods in a chain jeweler or the passion behind it! Servicing stores in 4 states, they can customize, repair, and more – right from their giftshop on Cabarrus Ave.!

Three words: Shy Creation Selection – this understated yet elegant and affordable new collection at Ellis Jewelers comes with all the fall feels and beyond.  Some Staff faves: White Gold Diamond Huggie Earrings & White Gold Diamond Lady’s “X” Ring. Pretty much anything named “Lady” or “Huggie” is going to be on our list.

Another staff fave, perhaps a downtown secret – Ellis Jewelers will keep a running Wishlist for you that your loved ones can access on holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and those other “why-not” moments when you need something special in your life and don’t mind providing a *hint*.

Goldberry Books – This bookstore, straight out of a Lifetime movie, minus the murders, is one of the coziest spots in Downtown!  From specialty orders to limited releases, Goldberry Books has you covered (book-covered – sorry). But in all seriousness – we’ve had fun working with this crew to curate the Concord Book Club! And if you didn’t know, they also host a children’s podcast!

Holidays mean a lot of things to a lot of people but in our house, it means board games! – Trust Andrew at Buzz City Games to suggest the latest and least-awkward holiday game with your in-laws as possible! But in their truest specialty – they provide board games, puzzles, Warhammer, and trading card games along with weekly events and more! Click here for the latest including their events calendar!

For the music lover, Mullis Music is your jam, see what we did there?! And if you did that weird thing where you bought an instrument during COVID to comfort yourself and your cat, let the experts help you with lessons, repairs, and more!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention The Galleries & Gift Shop at the Cabarrus Arts Council. – Their Annual Clay Pottery exhibition is going on now highlighting 26 potters with hundreds of works available for purchase! Also, in the gift shop –  Seagrove Candles – This “insider secret” we debated on sharing because we need to get our orders in first! –  Best of all, you can shop online or instore at all price points for the art-lover this season!

Relaxation – Yes please! From unisex whale T-shirts (yes) to staff fave – CBD candies, no need to be an expert when our World of Hemp guys have you covered. So, whether you’re full-spectrum CBD or isolate, there’s a little something for everyone – including your furry friends. Yes, Boots needs CBD too for those thunderstorms!

Prefer to be pampered? Downtown Concord has several salon & day-spa options available to help you or a loved one live their best life this holiday season. Check out Drift Hair SalonEvergreen Salon & Day SpaBlush BellezaChaRoz & Co. Beauty SalonMicah Lucas SalonPride Beauty SalonShades SalonTi-Sun Beauty Supply, Michele Burns Esthetics, Visions of Worthiness, Massage by Samantha, & A Honu You Massage for inspiration.

Still not sure what to get your loved one? How about Downtown Concord Dollars? Just like a gift card, downtown dollars can be spent at over 35 locations in the immediate Downtown Concord area, including Friendly Lube & Inspection! Like, who can’t use gas? So, without further excuse, be sure to stop by downtown this fall and feel good about your investment in yourself or someone else this holiday season!

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