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New Arrivals & Coming Soon…

With all the doom and gloom that seems to be lingering from 2020 we decided it’s high time we share some exciting news from Downtown!

While the Novi projects and the new Union Street Streetscape projects are taking center stage, and rightly so, we are also thrilled for our latest additions to downtown: Table 11 and Ashton Renee Boutique. Like most of our downtown merchants, our newbies offer quality products and experiences you won’t find anywhere else!

Table for 22’:

Table 11 opened on January 11th at 11am at 11 Union St. S. (see what they did there?), joining our unique array of delicious locally owned restaurants downtown. Upon my first visit with friends who were on their third or fourth visit, I was as delighted with the food as I was the service. And while everything on the menu looked delicious, I was happy to have the inside scoop on some crowd-pleasers.

The fried pickles come highly recommended. Chef Bob will tell you the secret is using jalapeno pickles; slathering them in their homemade ranch doesn’t hurt either.

Loving Peruvian food, I was naturally drawn to the Peruvian Bowl with the addition of grilled chicken. I’m going to take the liberty of declaring this the “staff pick.” As colorful as it was tasteful, the Peruvian bowl is comprised of warm grains, pickled onion relish, white beans, avocado, diced tomatoes, cotija cheese, and topped with a tangy green sauce. The bowls and salads alike allow for add-ons like grilled chicken, citrus herb grilled steak, cilantro blackened shrimp, or balsamic grilled vegetables – yes, yes, and yes.

And when your restaurant owners are a chef and pastry chef duo, it’s hard to disappoint. The brownie takes the win for this chocolate lover, but if you like tarte and sweet, the raspberry lemon bar is your takeaway. Speaking of takeaway, Table 11 offers take-out (place order online) and catering, just give them a shout: 980-255-8596.


Unique Boutique:

Ashton Renee Boutique offers something downtown has truly been missing, clothing! Ashton has an eye for fashion for every body type. Her quaint and inviting boutique offers the latest in fashion trends in a variety of styles and sizes.

I was pleasantly surprised when meeting Ashton for the first time. She sets a tone that is warm and inviting and maybe it’s just me, but lets you spill your guts about what you think does and doesn’t look good on your body.

And while my personal go-to is anything black (#winterbody, #covidbody), Ashton drew me out of my comfort zone by pulling items I would never personally select for myself by looking at them on the rack. She also has a way of letting you know something doesn’t work without sending you spiraling to the Creamery.

Now, if I’m being honest, I did leave with another black item to add to my wardrobe – a cute, short, puff-sleeve sweater dress option that can be dressed up or down. You have to start somewhere right? So perhaps the next piece I select from her collection will be more adventurous like navy, ha. Another exciting attribute, this shop is open seven days a week! So, there is no excuse to miss this new spot on the block at 9 Cabarrus Ave., W. Not shopping in-stores right now? Shop online any time at


On the New, New:

We would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to a couple of up and coming soon-to-be favorites. 2022 will deliver (sorry, not sorry) Hawthorne’s Pizza. Hawthorne’s Pizza is scheduled to open later this year at 25 Union St., N., beside the Avett Mural building if you will.

Also coming soon, Cut at an Angle – a floral design company opening at 17 Cabarrus Ave., W. So, if we didn’t have the lock on event planning between our venues, photographers, caterers, jewelry and more, we do now!

Also, making us wait, Union Street Nutrition, a smoothie and juice bar opening at 66 Union St., S. on the corner of Union St. & Barbrick Ave.

To recap, in a pandemic that doesn’t seem to quit, neither has our community’s entrepreneurial spirit and downtown pride! Be sure to keep up with the latest downtown by following us on social and subscribing to our newsletter.

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