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Book Clubs, not just for celebrities anymore…

Book Clubs, not just for celebrities anymore…

While Oprah’s Book Club has been a mainstay for decades, recently other celebrities have like Jenna Bush Hager, Reese Witherspoon, and even The Duchess of Cornwall have launched their own book clubs. Never one to be shy away from a trend, Concord Downtown is partnering with Goldberry Books to establish the Concord Community Book Club. Join us each month for curated selections from the shelves of our local bookstore (12 Union St S).

Our staff firmly believes in the power of storytelling. We love to regale citizens and business owners alike with tales from Concord Downtown. However, our love for a great story doesn’t stop when the workday ends. We love to unwind with a good book.

Set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution, Swimming Back to Trout River follows a father’s quest to unite his family before his daughter’s twelfth birthday. What follows is a poignant story about music, culture, immigration, and most of all, family.

We can’t wait for you to join us on our literary journey.

About the book

In the summer of 1986, in a small Chinese village, ten-year-old Junie receives a momentous letter from her parent, who had left for American years ago: her father promises to return home and collect her by her twelfth birthday. But Junie’s growing determination to stay put in the idyllic countryside with her beloved grandparents threatens to derail her family’s shared future.

What Junie doesn’t know is that her parents, Momo and Cassia, are newly estranged from one another in their adopted country, each holding close private tragedies and histories from the tumultuous years of their youth during China’s Cultural Revolution. While Momo grapples anew with his deferred musical ambitions and dreams for Junie’s future in America, Cassia finally begins to wrestle with a shocking act of brutality from years ago. In order for Momo to fulfill his promise, he must make one last desperate attempt to reunite all three members of the family before Junie’s birthday—even if it means bringing painful family secrets to light.

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