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A haunting thriller by a North Carolina author

The October selection for the Concord Community Book Club is When Ghosts Come Home by Wiley Cash.

When selecting a book for the spookiest season of the year, we chose to go a rather unpredictable route. We chose a thriller set along the coast of North Carolina. Rather than a tale of monsters and mayhem, we chose a novel whose ghosts are metaphorical, yet supremely real. When Ghosts Come Home is an incredibly gripping and thought-provoking novel that we just had to share.

Wiley Cash, a North Carolina-based author–has created a compelling plot featuring characters that are realistically flawed. Our protagonist, Sheriff Winston Barnes, is facing re-election when he is awoke by a crash at the nearby airfield. What he discovers is an empty plane and a dead body. As the case unfolds, he discovers the simmering anger at the heart of his idyllic seaside town.

We recommend picking up a copy of this “unputdownable knock-out” at Goldberry Books. We can’t wait to hear what you think of this month’s pick! Join us on Facebook to engage in discussion about our newest selection. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news from the Concord Community Book Club.


About the Book

When the roar of a low-flying plane awakens him in the middle of the night, Sheriff Winston Barnes knows something strange is happening at the nearby airfield on the coast of North Carolina. But nothing can prepare him for what he finds: a large airplane has crash-landed and is now sitting sideways on the runway, and there are no signs of a pilot or cargo. When the body of a local man is discovered–shot dead and lying on the grass near the crash site–Winston begins a murder investigation that will change the course of his life and the fate of the community that he has sworn to protect.

Everyone is a suspect, including the dead man. As rumors and accusations fly, long-simmering racial tensions explode overnight and Winston, whose own tragic past has followed him like a ghost must do his duty while facing the painful repercussions of old decisions. Winston also knows that his days as sheriff may be numbered. He’s up for re-election against a corrupt and well-connected challenger, and his deputies are choosing sides. As if these events weren’t troubling enough, he must finally confront his daughter, Colleen, who has come home grieving a shattering loss she cannot fully articulate.

As the suspense builds and this compelling mystery unfolds, Wiley Cash delves deep into the hearts of these richly drawn, achingly sympathetic characters characters to reveal the nobility of an ordinary man struggling amidst terrifying, extraordinary circumstances.

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